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PTI is an industry leader that has been specializing in Heavy Equipment Operator training for over 20 years!  PTI places students in an environment similar to a job site and a routine that allows them to experience what a typical work day is like, while learning on actual machines – no simulators.   Our 240 HOUR HEO Program offers more practical training in a shorter amount of time, than other comparable programs!  PTI has made a huge impact in the industry based on our high standards of training and the belief that safety and hands-on practical training is a paramount for success!



This program is recommended to those who are new to the industry and equipment operation, looking to ensure that they are trained in accordance with OH&S regulations in SK, along with gaining additional industry knowledge and operator training on a variety of equipment.


This program is recommended to those that may already have some industry knowledge and operating experience, and are looking to ensure that they are trained in accordance with OH&S regulations in SK.

the pti difference

Our 240 HOUR HEO PROGRAM was established over 20 years ago, and not only does it exceed the requirements as per Occupational Health & Safety regulation for the operation of powered mobile equipment in SK, it offers the most practical out of classroom training, on 4 different pieces of REAL equipment – no simulators, in a shorter period of time, than others of its kind!

This is a high-demand program that books up fast!  Spots will be filled on a first-come first-served basis. Apply early to reserve your spot!

Our 240 HOUR HEO PROGRAM offers the same training hours with less down time and expense!

With the program schedule of 10 hours per day, Monday – Saturday for 4 weeks (instead of 8 hours per day Monday – Friday for 6 weeks as others offer), your time in School is shortened by 2 weeks. This allows our students to get used to a realistic work schedule in this industry, receive training and move onto their future employment faster, while having received the same amount of training hours as other comparable 240 Hour programs. It also saves on 2 weeks of added travel, meal and accommodation expense if coming from out of town, and saves on 2 weeks of missed potential income!

Our 240 HOUR HEO PROGRAM offers more practical training!

With only 1 day of in-class training, followed by 23 days of practical training, consisting of a safety meeting each morning, pre-operational inspections, equipment operation and minor servicing as required, our students receive more practical training hours than other comparable 240 Hour HEO programs – which is the BEST way to learn!

We train on a variety of REAL heavy equipment – no simulators!

The variety of heavy equipment offered meets industry standards and makes students more employable, as contractors can utilize you on a variety of equipment.  The 240 HOUR HEO PROGRAM offers training on 4 different pieces of heavy equipment, which based on the feedback of past students, is supported as a reasonable number for the hours offered in this program.  It provides the student with enough training hours on each piece, to leave feeling confident and not overloaded!

We offer smaller class sizes, which provides the students with a more intimate training experience!

Students receive more individualized attention and interact more with the instructor.  It allows the instructor more flexibility, and smaller groups tend to work better together.  It’s less intimidating, students never feel unheard or distracted, and ultimately enjoy a better academic experience!


What our graduates say

Graduate - April 2022

“The 240 Hour HEO program is extremely helpful. PTI is a place to learn hands on.  Everything about this Institute is very helpful, in place, and I liked the routine on the machinery.  I would recommend anyone interested in HEO take this program.”

Graduate - November 2022

” In my 8 years of working in this industry, I have had many instructors that made me want to fall asleep, until I met Russ.  It was my first experience actually having fun in a program!”


Graduate - November 2021

“I personally loved every second of the 240 Hour HEO program and believe it really gave me the jump start I needed to begin my career as an operator!  Very friendly staff. Would definitely refer this course to anyone who wants a career as an operator.”

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